Millennials leave in peace

A film by Louise Marie Beauchamp

One third of the planet's land is severely degraded.

More than 12 million hectares of fertile land are lost each year, the size of Nicaragua. If business as usual is maintained, the UN predicts the disappearance of arable land in less than 60 crops.

A natural solution exists to regenerate our soils: biosequestration.

Plants are able to capture carbon to sequester it in the ground. Its micro-organisms know how to work soil to ensure species survival. Implementing a planetary ecological service to regenerate soils for 30 years would be enough to reverse the curve of deadly global warming.

Independent capital from a consortium of the world's fortunes could initiate a change.

By staging new rules and new players for the next chapter of human history, the option of joining an "ecological service" could be offered anywhere in the world. Investing massively in and for natural wealth and aiming at the sole profit: survival of humanity.

Enlisting for peace

The solution outlined in the film

All over the world, concerned citizens, especially young people, are ready to take action for the climate. Yet there are very few programs that enable them to make a concrete impact on this crisis of global warming.

A worldwide ecological service program, adapted to the local realities of countries, would offer the option of enlisting for soil regeneration. Volunteers would be trained and committed to sowing, greening, planting and working the land.

By coming together, the fortunes of this world, who wish to invest in the survival of humanity, have the power to raise sufficient funds to create an ecological service system.

Why greening the planet?

Over a period of 30 years, if we regenerate the planet's deserted soils to cool the earth and sequester present and future carbon dioxide, it is possible to reverse global warming and thus protect ecosystems and save the land that will have to feed 9.7 billion people in 2050.

About the movie director

Louise Marie Beauchamp is a businesswoman and a trained musician who has been working in the film and television industry for more than 30 years. In addition to pursuing her work in television, Louise Marie and her husband started organic farming in 2012.

Through her films, Louise Marie aspires to nothing less than to bring about real and concrete change. A woman of action, she made this film with the sole objective of challenging the planet's great fortunes and hoping that they understand the unique role that their financial means have to play, both for the survival of their own and for that of all people on earth.

Salvador Chavajay

Millennials leave in peace features Salvador Chavajay, an indigenous pianist of Maya Tzutujil origin who has been living in Canada for the past five years.

In performing the classical piano repertoire, he personifies the possible and desirable reconciliation, in harmony with nature, between the exploitative systems of white power and his people from the First Nations.

Awards and honors

“ It’s up to us to green our deserts

Everywhere on earth

To follow the rules of nature

And those of our valiant hearts

Enlist for peace

As humble peasants

Armed with a great shared fortune

A debt to humanity “

- Millennials Leave in Peace movie’s excerpt

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