Louise Marie Beauchamp

Movie director

About Louise Marie Beauchamp

Louise Marie Beauchamp is a businesswoman and a trained musician who has been working in the film and television industry for more than 30 years.

Mainly known as the Art Director for many successful series such as Les Honorables, Épidémie, Unité 9 and Au secours de Béatrice, her work has been nominated several times at the Gala des Prix Gémeaux.

In addition to pursuing her work in television, Louise Marie and her husband started organic farming in 2012 by creating an incubator for young farmers called Les Jardins de Marie-Bio. The project has grown to become one of the short list of organic vegetable and seedling producers in the Montérégie region. After a few years of putting her hand in the wheel (and in the ground), she wants to take her social and ecological commitment further and expose the state of the planet with a medium she masters: movies.

In 2018, she produced and directed the film Anything for the ones we love, a musical short film on the theme of humanitarian and ecological disaster since the time of the Conquests, including the one in the Americas. After winning several awards by presenting her film in numerous festivals around the world, she unveils a poignant new work Millennials Leave in Peace, exposing a radical, effective and much-needed solution to regenerate the world's soils and capture carbon.

Through her films, Louise Marie aspires to nothing less than to bring about real and concrete change. A woman of action, she made this film with the sole objective of challenging the planet's great fortunes and hoping that they understand the unique role that their financial means have to play, both for the survival of their own and for that of all people on earth.

Awards and honors for Millennials leave in peace

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